Car Keys

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Autotechnix Southampton Ltd - 63 Alexandra Road - Shirley - Southampton - SO15 5DH

Our specialist services include: Car remote key cutting and programming - Car radio decoding and unlocking - Airbag fault finding and repairs - Vehicle speed limiter enabling or disabling.

We supply cut and and program keys for:

Ford car keys, Ford van keys, Renault van keys, Nissan car keys, Nissan van keys, Rover remote keys, MG car keys, Mini car keys, Vauxhall car keys, Vauxhall van keys, Audi car keys, Volkswagen car keys, Volkswagen van keys, Seat car keys, Skoda car keys, Peugeot car keys, Peugeot van keys, Citroen car keys, Citroen van keys, Fiat car keys, Fiat van keys, Mercedes car keys, Mercedes van keys, Honda car keys, Land Rover car keys, Saab car keys, Daewoo car keys, Chevrolet car keys, Kia car keys, Hyundai car keys, Toyota car keys, Toyota van keys, Mitsubishi car keys, Mitsubishi van keys, Subaru car keys, Mazda car keys, Mazda van keys, Suzuki car keys, Proton car keys and motorcycle keys too.

Spare Car Keys

If you still want to purchase cheap poor quality keys or key cases from Ebay, we are happy to cut them as long as they will not damage our equipment, please be aware that second hand keys are not usually  

re-programmable to your car and tend to be a waste of your money, by the time you replace the case and blade, cut it, fit a new transponder chip and then program it, it would be cheaper to let us supply you with a complete new key and a 12 month warranty.

We have spent many years building up trade contacts and suppliers to get the highest quality car keys including dealer supplied keys too, our prices will usually be higher than eBay because of this but we stand by our products and reputation.

Us or eBay

We are committed to a continual investment in the very latest technology providing a fast service with quality products and value for money too.

Our technicians are highly skilled and have many years of experience but most of all they care about getting the job done properly.

By providing a friendly service based on honesty along with top quality products, our reputation is rapidly expanding & we have become the first choice in Southampton for spare car keys, replacement remote car keys and other aspects of auto locksmith work too.

For most people getting a replacement car key is not their idea of fun and usually it's quite inconvenient to say the very least.

 But just think what happens if you don't have a spare key and you lose or break the only key you do have?

 We genuinely want to make the process as easy and convenient as possible for you and to let you get on with your day. We care about your experience with us and our reviews on reflect our customers opinions and experiences.

 We do not price match with others offering lower quality at a reduced price, always ask if you are not sure, we always try to offer original products whenever economically possible without pricing us out of the job.

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